A workshop on magnetic reconnection will be held in the Yosemite National Park from February 9 through February 12, 2010, with registration and an ice breaker during the late afternoon and evening of February 8. The goal of the workshop is to bring members of the solar and space physics, astrophysics, and laboratory plasma communities together in a congenial setting for an interdisciplinary dialogue on magnetic reconnection. The workshop will consist of a combination of 40-minute "tutorial" talks and 20-minute focused talks on different aspects of the following broad themes:

  • Reconnection at the Sun
  • Reconnection in the Magnetosphere and Solar Wind
  • Laboratory Reconnection Experiments
  • Reconnection in Extreme Environments
  • Dissipation/Structure of the Diffusion Region
  • Initiation/Cessation of Reconnection
  • Particle Acceleration in Reconnection
  • Reconnection in Different Plasma Regimes: The Problem of Scaling
  • Coupling the Local to the Global

The workshop will be held at the Yosemite Lodge, which is located in Yosemite valley, in the heart of the national park. In keeping with the traditional Yosemite workshop format, sessions will be held in the mornings and evenings, while the afternoons will be set aside for skiing, hiking, or other activities. One of the evening sessions will be followed by a poster session held at the Ahwahnee Hotel. The workshop will conclude with a reception and a banquet at the Ahwahnee.